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Small Family.
Big Ideas.

We don’t just breed puppies, we enjoy them being around us all the time! We have been breeding Labrador Retriever since 2019. Every minute of it has been exciting! All of our puppies are health guaranteed. We take pride in our adults’ health and personality, especially our litters of puppies. They are all raised with lots of love and care from their first breath. FDH are great companions! Once you own one, you are hooked!

Our Showcase Puppies

Each year before their birthday we send a birthday card and do a follow-up to ensure the well-being of the puppies’ Standards. We believe owning this breed comes with priorities and responsibilities. We are able to accept those responsibilities and balance them with unconditional love and dedication. Now you must decide if you are to be a proud owner of this exceptional breed.

Kelly - Female

Luke - Male

Mika - Female

Our aim is to provide you with the best.

Our goal to you is not just to sell a pet, but also to find you the perfect new family member that you will love and cherish!